Integration with existing data sources was developed through the APIs for Jira and the Qlik Certified Connector for QuikBooks. All applications mainly carry out the financial analysis of the IT company, except application “Company Utilization”, which do an analysis of the company's performance not from a financial point of view, but from the point of employee’s efficiency.

The following applications have been developed:

1. P&L Report (financial analysis of IT company)

Financial analysis is carried out by cost items on basis on payment receipts and diverse costs (salary, etc.). You can drill down the costs up to the lowest hierarchy level your database stores. Softeq constantly changed their cost tree, which lead to various iterations of the application.

Invoice Mapping, P&L dad preparation, Project without AM SM

The purpose of these apps is to identify and clean up inconsistencies in the database so that P&L Report application imports accurate data to get adequate financial analysis. 

Such apps can help to solve the following kind of issues:

  • data on the same invoices does not correspond in BIZ and QuickBooks databases;
  • wrong key was coded to link two databases;
  • there are projects without time spent data in the database;
  • there are projects without an Account Manager or Sales Manager.

The main purposes of these applications are to help Accountant maintains proper financial accounting in databases such as QuickBooks and to assign responsible persons and to track time on tasks in Jira projects, and etc.

Company utilization

Application was developed to analyze the performance of IT company employees. Now company can track how many hours employees spend on paid and unpaid projects (e.g. training). Moreover, this application gives the information about employee utilization (hours on paid projects / all working hours), about the number of customers, number of projects and etc.

Headcount Stats

A small application for employee analysis.

This application grants the information about how many employees have attended work this month, how many employees have quit work or retired, how many employees work in the development department, how many ones work in the administrative (accounting, etc.) and in the management departments. Moreover, you can have the information on the date of employee acceptance, his department, classification as Prod/Non prod.