Service: Audit of the state of analytics in your company, assessment of the efficiency of accounting and trading systems, analytical modules, staff competencies, data quality.

The term holding: from 3 days

Result: a comprehensive report with recommendations for debugging /configuring / reformatting the system, training staff, replacing calculation formulas, sets of visualizations, reporting, if necessary.


    - Local analytics of data on sales, stocks, finances, etc.
    - Pilot project for the implementation of analytical systems.
    - Integration of the selected BI system, commissioning and training of personnel.

We offer a comprehensive audit of your approach to data analysis, because we know for sure that the data conceals growth opportunities. As a result of our work, many of our clients find the theft channels, unoptimized balances, fragmented databases, eliminate duplicate and outdated information in the data, find opportunities for sales growth and expansion into new markets.

The experience of our consultants allows us to assess the state and quality of data, output recommendations and to correct data representations for the optimal speed of their processing, to display only the most current information without false and outdated information.

Before we begin the audit, we sign an agreement with you on the full confidentiality of your data, you can be sure of the security of your information and the high competence of our specialists.

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Or ask for a calculation by sending a letter indicating the accounting systems, number of staff, number of lines analyzed, the required area of ​​analysis.

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Having dozens of successful projects on the implementation of QlikView and Qlik Sense, certified specialists A2 Consulting can carry out an independent audit of the projects executed by other companies or internal developers of BI-Qlik company-users.

During the audit, the following project components are evaluated:

  • Optimality of the architecture of analytical applications.
  • The load script - the optimality of the code and the speed of data loading.
  • Associative data model - the correctness and optimality of the data from the point of view of speed and amount of memory, for example, the feasibility of combining some directories or, conversely, moving
  • Visualization - grouping of objects by bookmarks, general style of application, ergonomic placement of objects on bookmarks, optimal methods for performing calculations of indicators, intuitiveness of the interface, expediency of using different types of sorting, use of container objects and fast-change objects, control of possible zero values ​​and much more.

In general, conducting an independent audit of applications will allow you In a short time to identify possible shortcomings, increase the speed of data loading, reduce the load on server hardware and make users' work more comfortable and efficient.

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