We are putting into this word more than providing information and consulting support for the project. Our task is to bring the Client's business to a new level with the help of the best tools in the area of analytics, warehouse management and auto-order. We successfully implemented a working solution that have proven themselves all over the world.

A2 Consulting - is the implementation and integration services, pre-project survey of the company's IT infrastructure, identification of weaknesses and recommendations for their elimination. We are so confident in the quality of their products and services that are ready to develop a pilot project before implementation, to provide summary analytics on your resources, order for you reference visits to our Clients and tirelessly demonstrate the features of the system from the inside. Because QlikView is the leader in BI, which has proven effectiveness all over the world.

A2 Consulting

A2 Consulting provides implementation services and integration of OHE.WMS and auto-order GoodStream.

We provide training for end users on the system. You can to order development of local analytic applications for your, setting up and debugging of the system. We can help your IT team develop data download scripts, all kinds of connectors to popular accounting systems and so on.

The spectrum of A2 Consulting services is huge, we suggest you just call us +375296083700 and get answers to all your questions.