We realize that big projects colt take a lot of internal sources and you may need outstuffing or outsourcing to make it easier, quicklier and more comfortable to you.

We offer you outsourcing in Belarus, with professional developers at A2 Consulting

Why do you need us

  • High quality of work for less money you pay
  • Certified developers with good background of all Qlik products
  • 100+ projects expertise
  • References & recommendations
  • EBRD projects attendance
  • Top-expertise in retail industry

Our team could be helpful in

  • Design and develop new business intelligence dashboards with responsibility for the full development life cycle
  • Perform unit testing
  • Coordinate technical activities and documentation throughout each project
  • Refactor existing modules toward enhanced architecture
  • Integrating QlikView reports with different front-end solutions, such as web-sites and mobile applications
  • Acting as a technical expert/lead on QlikView 

Why do you need an outsoursing

  • To reduce operating costs for local developers
  • Overcome IT talent shortage
  • Free up internal resource
  • Accelerate company transformation
  • Become an open-market company
  • Focus on the core business functions
  • Accelerate projects in Qlik
  • Reduce time for market

Why it seems favorably and interesting

  • We provide developers with equal or better skills that you can find locally for much better cost
  • We do not charge any fee for office, space and facility
  • We have covered the inside market inside our key industries and able to start a new experience
  • You’ll get all the job done in a fixed price, terms and conditions

We could offer you the following outsorcing positions: Qlik Developers, QlikView Engineers, Qlik Architects, Qlik Sense Developers,  other outsourcers.

  • All the team has at least three years of experience in business intelligence/data warehousing as a Qlikview developer
  • Excellent SQL skills and experience, Microsoft SQL and Oracle preferred
  • Excellent skills and experience in understanding people in the business domain
  • Good experience in analyzing business requirements and their formalization
  • Knowledge of best-practices in user interface organization in BI and of software development lifecycle, especially configuration management processes and tools.
  • Advanced written and oral English
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-driven personal approach and a passion for helping others
  • Ability to work on remote position or to move to your office for the projecy term (if required): Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Baltic Countries.

We propose you to choose the next step

  • Ask for the presentation and set up the meeting time
  • Choose the date of skype interview with your potential developer
  • Ask for a referral call or paper reference
  • Calculate your project and fix the discount

 or call us! tel.: +375 29 6083700