Anti-crysis analytics for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individual specialists

The A2 Consulting team expanded its staff and expert areas, and, naturally, the question arose of involving in business analysts whose budgets do not allow full-scale implementations. We researched the market and came to the conclusion that the basic requirements for data analytics and visualization are covered by Power BI, a cloud-based analytical tool from Microsoft.

microsoft partnerPower BI is a powerful cloud product aimed at solving basic analysis needs, allows you to process small amounts of data, is easy to configure and is compatible with many sources of information. It helps to create bright informative reports on the basis of faceless figures in typical tables. All Power Bi data is stored in the cloud, which does not require the additional costs of a powerful server.

Selection of visualizations

Selection of visualizations: from histograms and graphs to various diagrams (basic, funnel-shaped, cascaded, bubble, etc.), matrices, maps and cartograms, images and just cards with one number. Various custom and custom products - visualization extensions: a cloud of words, a vector diagram, calendar visualization, etc. The ability to create visualizations for specific needs.

Function Q & A (question & answer / question-answer). A personalized publication and an opportunity to share their reports / analytical selections. Interactive report - the possibility of simultaneous work of a group of people, all changes are synchronized and saved. Personal and Corporate gateways.

• desktop application for Windows - Power BI Desktop;
• Online SaaS service Power BI service (Software as a Service, software as a service);
• mobile versions for tablets and smartphones (iOS, Windows or Android).

The product is compatible with a variety of popular storage systems:

At the same time, it should be noted that he is rather demanding on the quality of data, fields and completeness of information in one source. If you need consolidation of heterogeneous data sources and complex accounting systems, it is always available in QlikView. Power BI is a user-friendly analytical tool for perfect visualization of reports and regularities, but this is not platform analytics for corporate scales.

Having studied the functionality of the product, we developed standard analytical applications for the convenience of developing companies. The target audience of this product are young companies that are important to own the market situation, analyze competitors' performance and compare with their own, introduce new products and track growth patterns instantly. We are happy to help you understand Power BI, we will configure and develop applications for analyzing profile areas.