Introducing Qlik® Sense - trust your intuition.

The possibilities of interactive visualization and data mining allowing you to be guided by intuition.

Imagine an analytics tool intuitive to such an extent that every employee of your company can easily create their own reports and dynamic interactive panels, learning huge amounts of data and extracting valuable knowledge.

qliksenseThis is Qlik Sense - a revolutionary application for self-visualization and data exploration, designed for individual professionals, groups and entire enterprises.

 Qlik Sense allows you to quickly create combinations of visual representations, deeply explore data, instantly identify relationships and view opportunities from any point of view.

Visualization tools with the ability to drag and drop objects allow you to discover hidden knowledge

 Means of intellectual visualization in combination with the patented Qlik indexing mechanism allow to reveal all the relationships between the measurements of data and to obtain knowledge that would remain hidden in the case of using the traditional hierarchical models of data based on queries.

Intelligent search provides maximum flexibility
 Do not know where to start the search? No problem. Simply enter any query in the field, and the smart search function will help to make a complete picture, revealing the relationships between the data and discovering the right information where you never thought to find it, and at the same time will offer clues in the search process.

Research data from multiple sources in a single application
Qlik Sense allows you to connect to multiple data sources, including real-time data streams, providing a comprehensive view of them without sacrificing performance.

A powerful narrative effect through the presentation of data helps to interact and share knowledge.

The functionality of creating a narrative effect through the presentation of data makes it easy to share visual results of the analysis, talk about your discoveries to groups of specialists and more effectively interact with them.
Qlik Sense 3

Everyone can easily create their own visual representations of data, reports and interactive panels.

Using Qlik Sense, users with any level of training will be able to fill their lives with discoveries - this does not require writing scripts.

The drag-and-drop functions make it possible to create attractive visual representations.

The built-in library allows you to share and reuse data, metrics and objects.

Step-by-step creation allows maintaining the desired level of simplicity (or complexity).

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Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a managed application for visualizing and researching data on a server platform, which is perfectly suited to meet the needs for analytics at the level of groups, departments and the organization as a whole. Business users get powerful capabilities for flexible and personalized analysis of data and interaction with any device, implemented in the framework of centralized security policies and data management.

Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop is a free Windows application that gives users the ability to create and share their own interactive visual presentations of data from multiple sources, reports and dashboards, easily dragging and dropping objects. Discover new knowledge based on your data in just 5 minutes.

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