The QlikView Business Discovery platform allows business users to independently analyze business information and make highly effective decisions.

qlik logo v2.ashxQlikView helps you to re-look at existing data and assess the state of affairs in your company by providing the following options:

    - Consolidation of important data from various sources in a single application;
    - Investigation of associative relationships between data;
    - The ability to make collective decisions, support teamwork in real time and in a secure environment;
    - Visual presentation of data using effective modern graphics;
    - Search by all data, direct and indirect;
    - Work in an interactive mode with applications, information panels and analytical tools;
    - Data retrieval, analysis and access to them using mobile devices.

QlikView improves the effectiveness of business analysis for everyone.

With QlikView you will be able to:

    - To detect hidden tendencies and make discoveries that allow making non-standard decisions;
    - Ask questions and find answers alone or together with colleagues - quickly, literally on the move;
    - Search by all available data to get a complete information picture - just type the word or set of words in any order in the QlikView search field to immediately see the associative results that show the relationships between your data;
    - Independently perform business analysis, without contacting to IT professionals or analysts with the request to develop queries or reports.

New opportunities for business users

The QlikView associative mechanisms give answers at the same pace as you formulate the questions. The system allows you to interact with data without restrictions, and often the decision-making path is very unusual.

IT Professionals: Management of the Business Analysis System

With QlikView, IT professionals provide business users with the ability to independently analyze business data. They can help the business with maximum efficiency, strictly controlling the security and quality of data and managing the server part of the system.

Relief of business analysts and developers

QlikView makes it easy for business analysts and developers to create applications, giving users the ability to independently improve and extend these applications as changes of business requirements.

 In QlikView, great visualization and visibility, you can also configure reports to your taste.

The technologies underlying QlikView

QlikView - the first system of business analysis that performs data processing in RAM.

QlikView is the first of which appeared on the market systems business Analytics that perform all processing in RAM. Such processing allows to achieve high performance, but this is not the end of the list of differences between the Business Discovery platform and other BI systems. Traditional business intelligence systems based on queries and analytical cubes can also be run in RAM to speed up calculations, but IT staff still need to manually establish the relationships between the data.

The peculiarity of QlikView lies in the way information is processed in memory.

QlikView Business Discovery platform:

   - Automatically identifies and establishes connections between data;
   - Calculates the results on the fly, as necessary, providing the user  an incredibly high speed of operation;
   - Performs data compression to 10% of the original volume to optimize the performance of processors;
   - Implements all of the above functions in a single product.

As a result, neither users nor developers need to maintain the connections between data, so the organization can quickly move from design decisions to implementation and improvement.

Technology + Ecosystem = Platform

Not limited to the specified scope: technology that provides for  extension QlikView is not just a great Business Discovery class platform, designed to create business intelligence applications. In addition, QlikView has powerful expansion capabilities. Using the JavaScript API, partners and customers can create their own chart types, and using the QVX data exchange interface allows you to load data from any source into QlikView.

A truly dynamic ecosystem for business intelligence                                           

QlikCommunity - By becoming part of a huge family of QlikView users, you will never be alone. Join the QlikCommunity community, which has nearly 90,000 members and get answers to questions, download free examples and share QlikView applications.

QlikMarket - In the QlikMarket online store, customers will be able to find a wide selection of applications developed by our partners and ready-to-use, additional diagrams and connectors for working with data. Partners, in turn, will be able to present their innovative development to the widest range of users.

Portal Qlik - For more than 1700 of our partners Qlik portal opens access to high-quality materials for the organization of sales, marketing and training, helping to create a successful business based on the QlikView Business Discovery platform.

What are the advantages of this?

Investing in QlikView is not only investing in the most intuitive on the market platform for business analysis run by end users. It investments and proven solutions enterprise-class architecture that is scalable according to needs and in resources of one of the largest and most cohesive communities of users and developers of business intelligence applications, which helps to share ideas and solutions and is easy to implement them.

"QlikView is really compatible with a variety of data sources, providing real data processing speed and flexibility. It ensures consistency of data, no difficulties arise in the import. In large companies, data is often hidden in long chains of interactions in software complexes and Qlik can easily cope with them ", Andrey Toporkov, IT Director of Conte-Spa (Conte)